Our Story

Geno Malusek


That is the mantra of Jane Humzy, a native of Australia, who founded Jane Hamley Wells in Chicago in 2005.

Jane named the company by melding her name with those of the towns of her childhood in rural South Australia. It was her way of not losing sight of her roots. While growing up in these farming communities, she was instilled with the values of hard work, honesty and respect for the environment, while also nurturing a lifelong wanderlust. This wanderlust eventually led her to the world-class city of Chicago, which has been “home base” for many joyful years. Through her many travels, she developed her unique sensibility and passion for smart, sophisticated design.

Jane’s upbringing, cumulative life experiences and international travels have cultivated and crystallized the company’s core beliefs — Do it well. Buy well. Live well. It’s our purpose, our rallying cry, our reason to be.

“If you’re going
to do something,
do it well.”
— Jane Humzy


We work with and are sought out by top-tier global interior design firms, and our products are used by some of the most progressive brands on the planet.

We know you are tasked with creating engaging, dynamic environments for your clients. We also understand you have many choices when shopping for furniture solutions. Choosing us means you are choosing well on many levels.

Our products have won several industry “Best Product” design awards at various industry events such as HDExpo, Gold and Silver Awards at NeoCon, and Best of Year awards from Interior Design magazine. But beyond our many accolades, Jane Hamley Wells delivers real value via world-class design integrity and longevity. Our furniture holds up to high usage and all climates and ultimately demonstrates a high return on investment.

We also offer unique customization flexibility. Because we intentionally work with factories that specialize in make-to-order craftsmanship, we have the ability to make small-batch modifications and customizations – both simple and complex – so that you and your clients’ visions are realized.

James Wong

“If you’re going to
buy something,
buy well.”
— Jane Humzy


A well-made piece has myriad benefits. It will outlast a cheaply made item, and it will look better longer.

Impeccable quality helps your clients save money in the long run — and reduces the lifetime cost of ownership. It also reduces our collective toll on the environment — by helping to challenge and overcome the mentality of “disposability” that has infected much of modern life. And, for home owners, when buying timeless designs that are hand-crafted with attention to detail and high- quality materials means greater peace of mind knowing that your purchase will look great and work well for many years.

Geno Malusek

“As you live
your life, try to
live well.”
— Jane Humzy

Being Mindful

We strive to maintain ethical sourcing standards, ensuring our supplier materials, systems and processes are safe for humans and the environment. Our supplier factories are ISO-certified for their quality control and environmental management policies and procedures, utilizing water-based finishes, recycled materials, materials that can be safely recycled, and maximizing the recycling of materials used throughout the production cycle.

Choose Jane Hamley Wells for your next project and experience the difference that comes from choosing well. We look forward to working with you

Ann Sneed